"Nikkalite" brand retro-reflective sheeting is manufactured with a synthetic resin that strongly resists the deteriorating effect of weathering and also renders high reflectivity especially at night. It is designed mainly for use on traffic signs, and vehicle license plates that contribute greatly to the safety of the public.

Traffic Safety

Nippon Carbide Industries Co., Inc, founded in October 1935. One of its divisions is specialised in producing high quality retro - reflective sheeting under the brand name “Nikkalite”. The retroreflective materials are used in a wide range of fields like traffic signs, highway signs, street signs, car license plates, truck safety signs, promotional activities and others. The Nikkalite samples cover our programme for the traffic safety market and they do meet all specifications required worldwide.
Class 1W
Nikkalite Crystal® Grade Retroreflective Sheeting is manufactured by Nippon Carbide Industries Co. Inc., introducing the principle of microprism retroreflection. More than 5000 microprisms are densely positioned within one squared centimeter. As these prisms have been specifically desigined to achieve optimal reflectivity, Nikkalite Crystal® reflects substantially brighter than existing glass bead type retroreflective sheeting.
Class 1:
Ultralite Special Grade (UL), F800 Series, Pressure Sensitive

The ULS is an encapsulated sheeting with a flexible and highly transparent plastic top film that has a flat and smooth surface. Provides three times the reflectivity of EG type sheeting. The ULS, being designed for long durability, high brightness and anti-determination, we expect a 10- year life and similar daytime and nighttime colours when viewed from long-distance.

Ultralite Flexible Special Grade (ULS), pressure Sensitive

> High Brightness
> No Cracking in Cold Temperature
> Good Impact Resistance
> Good Chipping Resistance
> Good Solvent Resistance
> Can be applied to a Flexible Material, Tarpaulin, Vinyl Sheeting etc.
> Two types of Adhesive are available. Super High Tack Type and Anti-Plasticizer Type

Class 2:
Engineer Grade (EG), 8000 Series, Pressure Sensitive

EG is a high quality, enclosed lens retroreflective sheeting which conforms to all EG specifications throughout the world. This sheeting has a performance life seven years, and is commonly used for all types of permanent and temporary traffic signs.

Class 2A:
Super Engineer Grade (SEG), 18000 Series, Pressure Sensitive

SEG is our highest quality enclosed lens retroreflective sheeting. It is ideal for permanent traffic signs, temporary traffic control devices requiring high visibility, legibility and durability.
SEG bridges the gap between standard Engineering Grade (EG) and encapsulated lens sheeting. While SEG offers a much higher level of performance than standard EG sheeting, it is much less expensive than encapsulated lens sheeting. SEG offers a ten year performance life that contributes to potential lower life cycle costs for traffic and safety devices than standard EG sheeting.
Since SEG's application methods are almost identical to standard EG sheeting,
it is easily integrated into most sign manufacturing operations.


Nikkalite Brand Engineering Flexible Grade (ELG) is a flexible, glass beaded lens retroreflective sheeting that renders retroreflectivity at night. It is designed for use on fleet and vehicle markings where application to riveted and corrugated surfaces may be required. It is also used on commerical signs and various labels and is highly resistant against the extremes of hot, cold, dry and humid weather conditions. Signs or labels faced with Nikkalite Brand Sheeting and transparent colours are attractive in appearance and highly visible during both day and night. The properties given are not for use in specifications.

PA100 Series
Transparent Overlay Film, Pressure Sensitive

PA100 Overlay Films are self-coloured transparent flexible sheeting, which has excellent dimensional stability and resistance to mechanical impact. It is extremely resistant to mechanical impact. It is extremely resistant to inclement weather conditions and its smooth surface prevents any rapid build up of dirt on the sign facing.
PA100 Overlay Films are coated with a totally clear pressure sensitive adhesive that is protected with an easily removable liner film.
PA100 Overlay Films are designed for application over:

> Ultralite Special Guide (ULS)
> Ultralite Grade (ULG)
> Super Engineering Grade (SEG)
> Engineering Grade (EG)

and other Nikkalite retroreflective sheeting's. When properly applied, it will show more than 70% of coefficients of reflection of each class of all worldwide retroreflective sheeting standards.

Hi-S Cal
Anti-Graffitti Overlay Film, EF-40801, Pressure Sensitive

HI-S CAL EF-40801 film is made of fluoride resin and can be used for ten years or more in an outdoor environment. The film has superior UV-resistance so weatherability of the substrate itself also increases.
HI-S CAL EF-40801 film is resistant to staining and to almost all kinds of solvent. The film acts as a barrier to spray paint and surface contamination on the film can
be easily removed by using thinner.

Reflective Sheeting

Nikkalite reflective sheeting can be purchased in our standard rolls 45.7m long x 1220mm wide or 45.7m long x 610mm wide. Economy size rolls can also be purchased with lengths of 22m or 11m. Economy size rolls are sold in Class One (ULS, except Orange), Class Two (EG) and ELG 48000 series retroreflective flexible type.
Economy size rolls are kept in stock with a 24 hour turn around. No account is necessary and most credit cards are accepted. Prices are kept low as you are buying direct from the importer.